About Hafizzat Rusli

Hafizzat Rusli Forex Scammer: Truth Or A Misconception?

About Hafizzat Rusli

Hafizzat Rusli, founder and owner of Hafizzat Rusli Bhd is a successful trader and businessman. Underneath the charming demeanor and mischievous smile, lies the dynamic mind of a trading maestro who made his first million at the age of 19.

As the son of a construction business man, Hafizzat grew up in the carefree lifestyle of Penang town. As a child, Hafizzat wanted to be “everything from an astronaut to a race car driver … anything exciting and adventurous, but never a trader”.

His foray into the stock market at age 17 was accidental. After being less than impressed with the corporate world and the lack of returns of traditional investment options, Hafizzat stumbled into the profitable, yet volatile business of commodity trading and has not looked back.

By the age of 26, he has garnered a significant amount of experience in the trading industry – almost a decade of it.

“I learnt a great deal throughout my years as a successful trader. I do not deviate from well-thought-out plans or make decisions based on emotional triggers.

Every move is strategic and patient. I always know at any given moment how much risk I am dealing with”.

Trading Style:

1. Think of Currency as a Business
2. Increase the Size of Your Investment
3. Reduce Portfolio Turnover
4. Develop Alternative Benchmarks
5. Learn to Think in Probabilities
6. Recognize the Psychological Aspects of Investing
7. Ignore Market Forecasts
8. Wait for the Fat Pitch

Forex Trader hafizzat rusli

The school aims to educate and inspire others with his success and in the hopes of helping others to grow their wealth portfolio. His syllabus teaches his students to interpret charts, identify trends and work with numbers and indirectly impart knowledge and instil punctuality, forethought and logic.

He also teaches students on how to diversify their trades to balance out overall risk. He advises them on how they can watch their positions in regards to volatility, and how to deal with the aftermath if things don’t go their way.

His goal is to provide an opportunity for others to equip themselves with the techniques that will assist them to be financially savvy.

An avid reader, Hafizzat starts his day by keeping abreast of market news and trends. He reads prolifically and studies the market tirelessly to create his own sound investment strategies.