Different Ways of Starting Trade In a Foreign Exchange Market


Forex trading is getting popular day by day. Many people from different age groups are trying to grow their small investments into fortunes through it. It is easy to be a forex trader as it does not require a very big amount of investment and neither some kind qualification. There are also various channels through which you can start forex trading. This post will give you the basic information on some of the popularly used channels to enter the foreign exchange market.

Introduction To The Forex Market

Trading in the forex market is done by various individuals, businesses, and financial institutes. These participants trade currencies to earn some profit. With a large number of individual traders, central banks, banks, forex brokers, etc. the flow of income per day in the forex market is around $5 trillion. According to these figures, the foreign exchange market is bigger than the equity and futures markets combined. Further, we shall discuss the different channels of staring trade in the currency exchange market.

1. Foreign Bond Funds

One way of trading in the forex market is through foreign bonds. They let you invest in the bonds of foreign governments. The benefit of investing in these funds is that when there is an increase in the rate of the currency in which the trader has made the investment, the interest also increases accordingly.

2. Foreign Currency Futures

Many traders also like to invest in the currency market through foreign currency futures. These are the Futures contracts in terms of currencies. They are beneficial for the investors as the currency risks are hedged. Though they can be bought on specific dates and you can buy them for a standardized size itself. Traders usually invest in them with the purpose of speculating variations in currency values. These are contracts and thus cannot be revoked. The counter-party is bound to make the payments of the predecided amount and on the specific dates that are also decided while the contract is formed. CME Group is the biggest market in the States for foreign currency futures contracts. The future contracts offered here are on G10 currency pairs and even on the currency pairs that are rising in the market.

3. Foreign Currency Options

If you do not want the kind of obligation that comes with the foreign currency futures then you can invest in FX market through foreign currency options. In the futures contracts, you will have to either buy or sell the currency at a future date that has been specified. On the other hand, with the foreign currency options, you will have the right but not be bound by a specified amount and date.

4. Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

Various kinds of securities together form Exchange-Traded Funds. Stocks tracking an underlying index is one of the securities. One of the examples here is the SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY). It tracks the S&P 500 Index. The other kinds of securities that too can form ETFs are commodities, stocks, bonds, etc. It is very convenient to trade the ETFs because of which trader find it good to invest in them. And since it is marketable security it comes with an associated price.

For forex traders, the ETFs can be used to buy single or multiple currencies depending on what kind of ETF is being used. Some ETFs allow you to buy only one currency while others do have a choice for multiple currencies.

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