Is Hafizzat Rusli A Scammer Or Just Misunderstood And Judged?


If you have any connection with forex trading, it is definite that you must have heard the name of Hafizzat Rusli. Some of you would know Hafizzat Rusli as a successful forex trader and currently as a world-renowned mentor for forex trade, while some must have heard his name on the internet as Hafizzat Rusli Forex Penipu. Penipu means a scammer.

The Real Facts You Should Know

So, amongst the two stories about Hafizzat, which one is actually true and which one is false? The story which tells that Hafizzat is a successful trader who has made millions through forex trade is a true story. Whereas the story which describes Hafizzat as a scammer or penipu, is not true but is in the news and the internet because of the real scammers who misused the name of Hafizzat Rusli.

A man like Hafizzat, who earned his first million at the age of 19 and was so successful in a short span of time that he even retired at 23, is surely not affected by petty rumors like these. But people who are trying to find the right mentor to teach them forex trade are surely affected by this. If Rusli is portrayed as a scammer of the forex market, many people who can get the benefit out of his forex trade course will be at the losing end.

The new forex traders are missing out the chance of learning from the experience of such a great trader (just because of petty rumors).  Moreover, there are already so many fake mentors in the forex trade market. If a great mentor like Hafizzat is defamed, he will live through it but then all the new traders will be more exposed to the fake mentors present in the market. So for the sake of new traders (you too might be amongst them), it is important that the reality of Hafizzat Rusli should be brought in front of the world.

How Did Rusli Get Names Like Hafizzat Rusli Forex Penipu?

Hafizzat Rusli had gained both success and fame at a very young age. Not just as a forex trader but also as a teacher of forex trading, he has been famous and successful both. Hafizzat has his forex trade course and this course has become very famous amongst people who are willing to learn forex trading. The people who became the students of Hafizzat also excelled in forex trade and if you want proof to believe that, you can easily check the testimonials provided by these students.

When Hafizzat and his course both had gained so much popularity, it was an opportunity for the crooks to misuse his name to fool people and extract money from them. With Hafizzat’s fake profiles many impersonators told people to deposit the money for the courses and since the courses of the real Hafizzat Rusli were so effective, people spent their money blindly. Nobody cared for a profile check and when their money was gone, everybody decided to put the blame on him. And this is how this humble man who is here just to share his knowledge started getting bad names.

After being accused unnecessarily Hafizzat could have stopped his courses and live his life peacefully and lavishly, but he is not a selfish person. Hafizzat Rusli is among those rare people who believe that their purpose is not just to live for themselves but be able to help the world and thus he continued being a forex trade mentor.

How To Apply For The Real Hafizzat Rusli Forex Trading Course in Malaysia?

If you too are an aspiring forex trader and need the guidance of Hafizzat Rusli, you should make sure that before applying you are sure that the source is right. You can get calls from various agencies claiming them to be Hafizzat Rusli or even his mentors. You do not have to believe them. Instead, you can visit the website of Hafizzat Rusli to get the real deal. You can even call the office of Hafizzat to make sure that you are talking to the right authorities. Here is a link for the genuine website of Hafizzat Rusli.

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