Forex Trading Journey


If you are thinking that you will get into forex trading today and by tomorrow you will be a pro at it, then it is better to switch to some other career option. Becoming a successful forex trader is not impossible though it will require dedication and hard work. Just like in any new thing that is new for you will be tough to understand, and the same goes for forex trading. Though practice, experience, dedication, and proper guidance can change all the problems. If you plan on becoming a successful trader in the forex market, follow the tips below in a planned manner and you shall start seeing the results very soon.

 1. Learn The Basics

As a beginner when you nothing about forex trading, the first step is to understand the basics. You can start with learning the jargon used in trading and once you are comfortable understanding the terminology of this business, then you can start learning the more complex concepts. Without being well acquainted with the terminology you will have trouble learning even the simple concepts. Both simple and complex concepts give you the idea of working in the forex trading market. You will understand the different ways of executing a trade and this will further help you chose your own style of trading.

2. Use The Demo Accounts But Do Not Overdo It

Demo accounts are just like the learning wheels of the bicycle. They are a very good tool for learning but if used a lot, you might lose your confidence to step into the real world. You can learn the working of the trading accounts with the demo accounts but this does not help you overcome fear and build the confidence to trust your analysis and assumptions.

If you lose on a demo account it will not have a very solid impact on you and thus there will be no drive for you to learn more and be more focused. This will just give you a lesson but not the drive to never repeat the mistake. Once you lose your investment in a real market, it is then when you feel the hole in your pocket.

3.  Do Not Invest More Than What Your Pocket Allows

Many traders invest in the beginning and get profits and start to build the capital. This builds their confidence and then there comes a time when they invest the whole capital without being prepared in case there is a loss. It is not bad to invest big but you should make sure that are you ready to suffer a particular loss or not. If you have had a loss but still have capital left to invest again, then you can regain the lost money. But if you are not prepared with a backup, you can be in serious trouble.

4. Do Not Mix Your Emotions With Trading

Being emotional as a human being is important but as a trader, it would be best to do trading without being emotionally involved in it. As a trader, there will be times when you will win and many times you will also have losses. It is best to not be affected by both wins and losses. Just be neutral in both cases and keep trying the things that you have learned.

5. Choose A Genuine Mentor

To increase your rate of growth in forex trading course in malaysia, it is important that you should have an experienced and genuine mentor. The things that you will learn by yourself will have some flaws and will need filtration. If you have a mentor, this process of filtering the flaws will not be required as he or she will be there to that for you. You will save time and utilize it to improve your skill. Having a mentor also saves you from common but terrible mistakes. Like it is said that it is better to learn from the mistakes of others.

Follow these steps as a beginner forex trader and you will see a significant improvement as a professional. If you are also looking for a good mentor to help you, one of the best mentors in the world for forex trade is Hafizzat Rusli. To know about his forex trade course click here.

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