The Unspoken Truth Behind Hafizzat Rusli


If we look back into history one thing is clear that one cannot run away from his or her destiny. A similar kind of thing happened with Hafizzat Rusli. He was born in a family of a construction businessman. He had more than just one goal in life. He was always inspired to be anything that gave him thrill and excitement. Sometimes he would be motivated to be an astronaut, sometimes a car racer. He always tries to find unique, attractive and different from the world’s perspective. Though his destiny was holding something different for him and following it made him what he is today in front of the world.

Hafizzat Rusli Entry In Forex Market

When Hafizzat Rusli was in the ending years of his teenage, he got to know about the stock market. And just as a curious teenager he showed some interest in it. He was not aware of the fact if his curiosity into something new would be his first step towards achieving big-time success. Hafizzat Rusli was just 17 when the destiny played its cards. And by the age of 19, Hafizzat was a millionaire.

What You Do Not Know About Him

When Hafizzat was looking into different professions he could opt for in the future, joining the corporate world was totally out of the picture. Being from a business family he also started looking into the various traditional investments, but that too could not impress him as the returns from these were not able to match the standards of his goals. Looking through such options he stumbled into forex trading. Although he got to know about this business accidentally since it had high profits and also it was a path that not everyone would choose because it was highly volatile, Hafizzat Rusli got into it and there was no turning back.

At Age 26:

By the age of 26, Hafizzat Rusli had not only made a sufficient amount of money for himself but also earned a good name in the forex market. He had understood this market so well that in a short span of time he got an extraordinary growth. To achieve such results various other experienced people would take maybe even double the time of Hafizzat Rusli.

Difference Between Hafizzat And Competitors

The difference between Hafizzat Rusli and these other experienced people was just of the knowledge of the basics. The other competitors in this business instead of focusing on the basics were following the orthodox method. These traders believe that in the stock market the only way of growth is the experience.

He Had Different Plans:

With the kind of fortune and fame, Hafizzat Rusli had made in the forex trading course in malaysia, retiring with family and kids would have been an ideal option for any common man, but Hafizzat proved that he was not an ordinary man and chose something different. He chose to share his knowledge with the new generation interested in the Forex market.

To do so he has designed 5 different courses for the people who want to be successful. These courses are a way to clear the basics to the core. Even the newbies could start generating an impressive amount of funds if they use the basics taught in these courses. The students of Hafizzat are spread worldwide. And how effective these courses are can be predicted from the success and testimonials of the same students.

With the kind of success and name he has gained, he has also got himself a bunch of copycats who have used his name to extract money from people. Many people portray themselves on the internet as Hafizzat Rusli and charge people for the courses. These unethical practices are in a way ruining the name of Hafizzat Rusli and it is a loss not just to him, but also to the people who are keen towards gaining his knowledge.

Hafizzat, a great forex trader is known as Hafizzat Rusli Penipu on the internet. But that does not stop this man from doing what he does the best. His dedication towards people who want to learn his skills and achieve success in life is 100%.

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