Your Gate Pass to The First Entry In The Foreign Exchange Market


As the title suggests, it is not going to be a literal gate pass, but this article is going to help you understand the different channels of investing in the Forex trading. And if you have been regular with our blogs you must be aware that the Forex market also doesn’t have any central location.

The currency exchange market is open for everyone starting from an individual to a big financial institute. To get your first investment to grow in the FX market, go through the basic information below.

Forex Market

In a Forex market, different participants can sell, buy and exchange the currencies with the purpose of making profits on their investments. The market comprises of commercial companies, banks, central banks, hedge funds, retail Forex brokers, investment management firms, retail Forex brokers, and individual investors. With an average of $5 trillion transactions in a day the FX market is bigger than the total of equity and futures markets. The market is active 24/7 and the trade never stops here. As an investor in the market, you will have to be always speculating the different factors that help you decide your choice of trade.

Foreign Currency Futures

Another way to invest in the FX market is through foreign currency futures. Futures contracts for the currencies are known as foreign currency futures. To buy and sell them there is a specified date and a standard size. The benefit of buying foreign currency futures is that it can hedge currency risks. These are also helpful in speculating the changes in the values of currencies. The foreign currency futures contracts cannot be revoked and the counter-party will have to pay the specified amount on the date as per the contract. In the States, the biggest market for the foreign currency futures market is the CME Group. The future contracts offered here are on G10 currency pairs and even on the currency pairs that are rising in the market. 

Foreign Currency Options

If you do not want the kind of obligation that comes with the foreign currency futures then you can invest in FX market through foreign currency options. In the futures contracts, you will have to either buy or sell the currency at a future date that has been specified. On the other hand, with the foreign currency options, you will have the right but not be bound by a specified amount and date.

Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

The ETF is made up of various securities. Stocks tracking an underlying index is one of the securities. SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY) is one of the examples and it tracks the S&P 500 Index. There are different investments that can be a part of ETFs and these are: bonds, commodities, stocks, etc. It is very easy to buy and sell the ETFs as it is a security that is marketable and thus it has an associated price.

With ETFs, you can buy currencies. With some ETFs, you will be able to manage only a single currency, while others have multiple options too.

Certificates Of Deposit (CDs)

If you want to earn interest on your investments in the FX market at the foreign rate then the foreign currency certificates of deposits are a good option for you. If you take for example Everbank’s “World Energy” basket CD, it has the option for 4 currencies which include the British pound, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, and Norwegian krone

Foreign Bond Funds

With the foreign bond funds, you will be able to invest foreign government bonds. If you have invested in the foreign bond funds then when the rate of the currency in which you have invested increases in comparison to your local currency, the interest that you have earned will increase when you convert it.

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