Hafizzat Rusli Forex Penipu Or A Genuine Forex Trader


Hafizzat Rusli is a well-known figure in the world of Forex trading. Many know him as a successful trader and a genuine mentor while many also call him a scammer or a deceiver. Lately, there have been many rumors related to Rusli but running parallel to it are also various testimonials and praises from his students.

A man who is praised by so many people and also contradicted by others, it is a mystery to everyone. Though the truth should be available to all and if you are willing to know who Hafizzat truly is, you must read this post till the end. To understand the truth you should know how he became successful and how he got caught with a bad reputation.

Hafizzat Rusli’s Graph Of Success

Failures Taught Him The Most

At the age of 17 when Rusli started forex trading, the initial stages were not so fruitful for him. It was full of disappointments and hardships. Though he was determined to make his dreams come true. When Hafizzat started trading he was like any other average forex trader who was trying new strategies. Trying new strategies without any background check or a kind of test made Hafizzat lose first $1000. A person who is from an average family would be surely frustrated and sad after losing that kind of amount.

To work on his growth he started taking lessons from a mentor. He paid the fee but unfortunately here also Hafizzat had to face disappointment. The reason for this was that the mentor knew nothing of forex trade and was just pretending to be a genuine teacher. The money paid for the fee was also a waste. Even the money Hafizzat invested on the basis of techniques this fake mentor taught him, was lost.

The Time When Hafizzat Finally Rose And Then Never Stopped

Hafizzat was losing his money and then when he lost another $5000 as he tried another strategy that he found some website, he was completely broke and heartbroken too. To recover the money he worked in a restaurant as a waiter for 3 months. Though these downfalls made Hafizzat strong. He worked on his skill and knowledge. He also took help from other traders who were genuine. Hafizzat got in touch with new mentors who helped him correct his mistakes. He would even be scolded by them for repeating the mistakes, but he wanted to learn and thus took the criticism positively. His dedication paid him finally and by the age of 19, he had improved so much that he also became a billionaire. Just within 2 years, he did this and by the time he turned 23, he also was ready to take retirement comfortably.

Realization Of His Real Purpose

Being a successful trader at a young age and also in a short span of time, Hafizzat grabbed the attention of his friends. They asked Hafizzat to guide them so they too could make profits as he did. The plan worked out for them and then for other friends too. This made him realize that it would be a good cause to help other people in the world too who are willing to try their luck in the forex trading.

Then How Did Hafizzat Got into Headlines Like “Hafizzat Rusli Penipu“?

When Hafizzat Rusli got recognition as forex trading mentor, he was also surrounded by people who were not as successful as him. The only difference between him and them was of dedication and strong will. Hafizzat wanted to make his dreams come true, but only with honesty. Though the other people around him misused his name. Haters created fake profiles of him which were used to deceive people. The people who had heard about Hafizzat’s trading course got deceived by these people. They paid for the forex trade course but never got to attend one.

This is how Hafizzat got defamed unnecessarily. The scammers were the culprits but even the people who paid for the fake courses without a complete background check were also at fault. Though these defaming headlines never bothered Hafizzat and till date, he continues mentoring people to do well as a forex trader and achieve their goals in life.

You must have heard the recent bad reviews from haters about Hafizzat but to know the real picture and about his genuine forex trade course, check out hafizzat rusli student testimonials.

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