Hafizzat Rusli Forex Scammer: Truth Or A Misconception?


Hafizzat Rusli is one of the most successful traders in the foreign exchange market and is also a great mentor for forex trading. Though many of you reading this post would be skeptical about the same. You are not to be blamed to have thoughts like these as in the recent past, there were headlines on the internet like Hafizzat Rusli Penipu, Hafizzat was arrested for a scam, etc. In this post, we will be trying to clear your thoughts regarding Hafizzat and headlines defaming him. If you are not a forex trader, knowing the truth might not matter a lot to you. But if you are a trader and especially a beginner, knowing about the success story of Hafizzat, his struggle, and how he can help you, all of this will make a lot of difference in your life and career.

Hafizzat’s Struggle As A Forex Trader

Hafizzat does not belong to a very rich family and thus to build his career he had to face the hardships. While exploring different fields for making money, he encountered forex trading. He started it at the age of 17 and became a millionaire by the age of 19, but his path to this success was full of failures. Where he is today is all because he did not give up and also because he worked on the mistakes and made himself better in every prospect.

When Hafizzat had just started forex trade he lost $1000. To make up for this he started learning from a mentor. Though this idea also not work out and instead made him lose more money. The guy who was mentoring Hafizzat turned out to be an imposter. Hafiizat paid this so-called teacher a heavy fee but had nothing to learn from him. Hafizzat also lost $5000 after this because he blindly relied on a strategy that he had read on the internet. Hafizzat was left with nothing and thus to recover this loss, he had to work as a waiter in a restaurant for 3 months. He thought of giving up but instead, he took his time to learn the real way of forex trading by reading and talking to other experienced traders.

How Hafizzat Became A Mentor Of Forex Trading And Why Is He so Popular?

At the age of 23 when Hafizzat had retired comfortably, he was approached by his friends to teach them a few of his methods of forex trading. He helped them and they also reaped great results out of what Rusli taught them. This further led Rusli to be a mentor of forex trading and since many of his students from different parts of the world got successful in trading, he gained popularity.

Then Why Were The Headlines Like Hafizzat Rusli Scammer on The Internet?

The biggest reason for such headlines was the fame and success Hafizzat had gained in such a short period. The forex trading course of Hafizzat was getting popular day by day and people from different age groups, sections of society, and from different countries were eager to learn forex trading from Hafizzat Rusli. The seats for Rusli’s trading course would sell like hotcakes. Seeing how popular Rusli’s course was, many scammers created fake profiles of Rusli and posted adds for fake courses. People would pay for the course but they never happened in reality and this is how Hafizzat Rusli got defamed.

Headlines like these would never affect Rusli as he was not the offender and already is a very famous forex trader and a mentor as well. Though if there are not good mentors like Rusli, aspiring traders would be at some kind of a loss.

Rusli had learned things the hard way and this is why he had decided to be a mentor so that other aspiring traders do not have to face them. Through his course, many people have managed to be successful forex traders and earn the bread and butter for their families. If you too are an aspiring forex trader, you have the opportunity to learn from Hafizzat Rusli. Though you should be careful that you do not encounter an imposter of Hafizzat.

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