Reasons For Headline Like Hafizzat Rusli Scammer And The Truth Behind It


The readers who are traders of forex market must be aware of the name Hafizzat Rusli. He is one of the most successful traders in the market. He is also a well known mentor for forex trading. So Hafizzat would surely be known by anyone who is practicing forex trade professionally.

However, in the past, there were some rumors about him. People started thinking of Hafizzat Rusli scammer, or he was arrested for a forex scam. Since these were just rumors, it is important to know the real truth. 

Reason For These Rumors

Hafizzat has developed his forex trading course and people are willing to join the various courses that are being offered by him. The courses offered by Hafizzat are effective and have helped various people from different countries. There are many testimonials on the internet, in which the students speak about how Hafizzat’s course helped them. Since the seat for a single course of Hafizzat has the potential of being sold without any effort, the scammers of the forex market misused this opportunity. With fake profiles of Hafizzat, the add for courses by Hafizzat were there on fake websites and many people paid the real money for these courses. Since many people were fooled by this scam, there were various rumors about Hafizzat.

The Real Truth About Hafizzat

Hafizzat Rusli is not a common trader of the forex market. He took himself to the position of an elite forex trader within 2 years of him starting as a forex trader. He started at the age of 17 and by 19 he made his first million. He also retired at the age of 23 but decided to be a forex mentor to help people become successful like him.

When Hafizzat retired from the market and was enjoying trading from home in his own peace, he was asked by his friends to teach them some of his methodologies. He agreed to do so, and the results that his friends got after learning from him, were really great. This led to friends of friends to approach Hafizzat and that is when he decided to cancel his retirement and become a forex mentor. 

How The Forex Trading Course By Hafizzat Rusli Help An Aspiring Forex Trader?

Forex trading is all about being able to predict market trends, currency fluctuations, etc. This all goes in a pattern and that pattern has to be noticed by the traders in order to open and close trades with a motive of making a profit. Though understanding the pattern is not so easy and takes time. If you are an experienced forex trader, then there is a high probability that you will be able to predict a few of the patterns and to be a pro you will have to keep training for years. This long process of achieving close perfection can be frustrating as it consumes a lot of time. If you are not looking to spend time like this, it is recommended that you must start learning forex from a mentor. Also, the mentor should have good knowledge and experience of the forex trade market.

Hafizzat Rusli has all the qualities that make a perfect mentor. He started teaching forex not to make money but to help people become as good as him. So he knows how to deal with the students in order to make them great traders. He has also had bad experiences and has created his strategies from bad experiences. So, learning from Hafizzat will allow you to avoid the mistakes which even experienced traders can make at times.

If you are still worried about the rumors like pembongkaran penipuan Hafizzat Rusli then without wait you should see the testimonials that are given by his students.

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